How to use the steel belt baler

Author:admin   Date:2022-11-17
We all know that this kind of machine uses steel belts for packing. Steel belts can use packing buckles or buckle-free joints. The packing machine we introduced does not need to use packing buckles. packaging costs.

1. Wrap the steel belt tightly around the goods, then hold the steel belt with your left hand, about 20cm away from the head of the lower steel belt. Hold the sealing rod in the right hand and hold the handle upwards, insert the steel belt into the baler and push it to the bottom. The lower steel belt head is about 5cm away from the fuselage. Release the handle, and the steel belt is firmly clamped. If the steel belt is not correctly placed in the tool body, the tightening action cannot be performed.
2. Hold the sealing rod with your left hand, hold the tightening rod with your right hand and push it forward repeatedly until the required tightening force is reached.
3. Loosen the steel belt during the tightening process, press the black tightening/release button in the direction of the tightening lever, pull the tightening lever backward to release the tightening button, and the steel belt will be loosened.
4. When the steel belt is tightened, push the sealing belt lever forward to the end, and hold the tightening lever with your right hand to keep the steel belt baler balanced. At this time, the buckle and belt cutting have been completed.
5. Return the sealing rod to the initial position, hold the sealing rod with the right hand, and pull up the handle, rotate the body to the right and pull it out, leaving the steel belt. Once the packaging work is completed.
The steel belt baler is a tool used to bundle the steel belt in the baler. It is divided into a manual steel belt baler and a pneumatic steel belt baler. The manual baler is easy to operate and the price is cheap. It is widely used in the market. .
Put the lock buckle of the steel belt baler into the steel belt used for binding, wrap the steel belt around the binding object for a week, and then insert the steel belt to form an upper and lower layer of steel belt, and then fold the lower steel belt at a place about 50mm away from the lock buckle come over.
Hold the steel belt baler handle assembly and the steel belt baler handle tightly with your right hand, open the feed wheel, insert the upper steel belt between the feed wheel and the feed pad with your left hand, and then release your right hand.
Hold the handle of the steel belt baler with the left hand, shake the feed handle back and forth with the right hand, and pull the upper steel belt until the appropriate tightness is required.
Move the locking machine to the top of the buckle, and bite the buckle dead.
Hold the handle of the steel belt baler with both hands, and turn the steel belt baler back and forth until the steel belt breaks (generally, it can be broken by turning it about 1-2 times).