The Introduction of PE stretch film

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PE stretch film is a common polymer used in a variety of packaging applications. Its cling strength and impact resistance are increased by the use of LDPE and EVA copolymer resins. Other benefits of PE stretch film include its low COF and gas permeability. In addition, PE stretch films are recyclable and biodegradable, and their use is growing in many industries.

LDPE-EVA copolymer resins increase stretch film's impact strength

The impact strength of PE stretch films can be increased by adding LDPE-EVA copolymers to the film. The combination of the two polymers improves the stretch film's properties such as impact resistance, low-temperature flexibility, and heat seal. It also enhances the optical clarity and gas permeability. However, it reduces the stiffness modulus and tensile yield strength.

The combination of virgin and recycled LDPE has the potential to increase PE stretch film's impact strength and mechanical properties. LDPE is widely used in packaging, both food and non-food applications. It is also used as a protective film for paper and textiles. Some of its most common applications include milk cartons. Other uses include plastic bags, garbage bags, tubes, and ice cubeas.

Gas permeability

PE stretch film is composed of two or more types of resins, called LDPE and LLDPE. The former exhibits high clarity and low temperature flexibility, while the latter has high elongation under load and low crystallinity. A common combination used for stretch film is an LDPE/LLDPE blend. Using a mixture of these two types of resins will result in a film with higher cling and gas permeability and a lower COF.

The gas permeability of PE stretch films can be evaluated using a special instrument. This instrument consists of two chambers, one with a constant pressure and another with a known volume. The high pressure chamber is filled with 105 Pa of test gas, while the lower pressure chamber is pumped to near zero pressure using a vacuum pump. The film's permeability is then measured with a manometer.

Impact resistance

The impact resistance of PE stretch film is measured according to the amount of force required to propagate a tear. The higher the tensile strength, the more resistant the material is. The film is also tested for the amount of tear resistance by applying a tension stretch to it. A tension stretch is similar to the way you stretch a rubber band. As you increase the tension, it lengthens.

PE stretch films are manufactured from polyethylene, which is a highly stretchable plastic film. The film is also elastic with good recovery properties, which helps it to bind things. However, if the material gets impact, the tension in the film can result in pressure, which may cause the package to rupture. This is why impact resistance testing is very important. Polyethylene is the most popular stretch film material, and it is produced through copolymerization of ethylene with alpha-olefins. Higher alpha-olefin content can improve the stretch film's performance and durability.


COF PE stretch film, also known as polypropylene, is a recyclable plastic material. It is the most widely used plastic polymer in the world, with annual consumption rates in excess of 50 billion pounds. It is most commonly used in the United States, Pakistan, India, Mexico, and Turkey. The material is also used in laminated nonwoven fabrics and is recyclable.

It is manufactured using the same manufacturing process as conventional PE film, but contains no heavy metals or plasticizers. This makes it the perfect film for flexible packaging applications. It can be used for grocery bags, food packaging, and medical packaging. It is also used to protect aluminum from processing and handling.

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