• Types of Strapping Seals

    Update: 20 07 22

    Types of Strapping Seals

    The strapping seal is a great tool to use when distributing and shipping goods. Its tighter grip and extra security make it ideal for this purpose. Strapping seals are typically made of steel, making them durable and strong even under the most extreme conditions. Listed below are some of the most common types of strapping seals. You can choose a type of seal based on the type of materials that will be used in your bu...

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  •  Choosing a Steel Strapping Machine

    Update: 13 07 22

    Choosing a Steel Strapping Machine

    When it comes to steel strapping, there are a variety of options. These include Stainless steel, Corded, Woven, and Polypropylene. The right machine for your needs will depend on what type of steel strapping you use. Listed below are some factors to consider before purchasing a steel strapping machine. There are many advantages to each type of steel strap. To learn more, read this article! Weigh the benefits of each...

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  • Give Your Customers Peace of Mind With Custom Packing Tape

    Update: 06 07 22

    Give Your Customers Peace of Mind With Custom Packing Tape

    Give Your Customers Peace of Mind With Custom Packing Tape If you want to give your customers peace of mind, custom packing tape is the way to go. Available in one, two, or three Pantone colors, custom packing tape comes in two and three-inch widths and 2mil or 3mil thicknesses. Custom Packing Tape is supplied on three-inch cardboard cores for added protection and ease of application. What's more, it'stamper-eviden...

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  • Introduction of Stretch Film

    Update: 07 01 22

    Introduction of Stretch Film

    Stretch film, also called PE stretch film, is a kind of transparent packaging material with high tensile strength, high tear strength and certain self-adhesiveness. It can prevent moisture, dust and damage, so it is very popular in all walks of life. Favored, it is divided into manual wrapping film and machine wrapping film. The width of the manual is generally 300mm, 350mm, 450mm, 500mm, the machine is 500mm, and th...

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  • The characteristics and production process of strapping tape

    Update: 07 01 22

    The characteristics and production process of strapping tape

    In today's life, the application fields of nylon cable ties are very wide, and many products that need to be packaged with nylon cable ties will require a good feel and touch, such as baby bottles, cosmetic bottles, beer bottles, etc. Due to the different products using nylon cable ties, the required feel and touch are also different. Therefore, many nylon cable ties manufacturers now use various technical means to g...

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  • The use of wrapping film see here

    Update: 07 01 22

    The use of wrapping film see here

    There are not many users who may know about stretch film. In fact, it has another name, also called stretch film, which is often used in various packaging, so it also needs various types of stretch film to be used together. Let Tiansheng Xiaobian introduce 4 uses of stretch film to netizens!1. Hermetic packaging: This type of packaging is similar to shrink film packaging, the film wraps the tray around the tray, and ...

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