Global PET Strap Market Report

Author:admin   Date:2022-08-11

Global PET Strap market report offers an in-depth analysis of the industry, including its history and current status. The report also presents forecasted market size and trends. The report is written in an easy-to-read format, so even people who are not familiar with the industry can understand its key points. The report covers all the vital aspects of the industry, including a dedicated study of the leading players. For the first time, you can now access the industry report at no cost!


While PET is the highest volume plastic strapping available, it also has the lowest cost per foot. It is stable in temperature ranges below freezing as well as above ambient. Moreover, PP straps are UV-resistant and can be stored outside for limited periods of time. These properties make PET straps popular for general-duty applications including bundling, carton closing, and tote security. In addition, they are water resistant and moisture-resistant.

While PP is less expensive, it has higher tensile strength than PET, making it a better option for strapping heavy and flexible loads. It can be embossed and used in almost any strapping application. This material is recyclable and is a cost-effective alternative to Polyester strapping. But most PP strapping isn't eco-friendly and may not be suitable for all applications. As with other plastic strapping materials, it's also better for heavy-duty applications, such as crates, boxes, and containers.

Another great use for polypropylene strap is for shock absorbers. It can be used to band shock absorbers in their operating positions. Because it's so lightweight and cheap, it's a popular choice for many industries. Its versatility also allows for printing warnings and quality marks. It's easy to find a PP strap that suits your needs. So, why wait any longer? Get a quote today!


This report analyzes the global PET Strap market from a global perspective. The study includes past and current market statistics along with forecasted market size and growth. This report is packed with detailed information about the industry, including competitive analysis, regional market presence, and company profiles of the leading players. It also includes an extensive SWOT analysis of the key players, which helps you gauge their performance and gauge their chances of capturing a substantial share of the overall market.

The PET Strap Market is mainly driven by the expansion of end-use industries and advancements in manufacturing technology. One of the fastest-growing industries in Asia Pacific is the food and beverages sector, where the PET strap is widely used. In 2016, embossed PET straps accounted for a significant share of the market. This segment is expected to grow rapidly during the forecast period. The other major segments of the market are timber and plywood.

Plastic strapping consists of two types of resins: polypropylene and polyester. Polypropylene is usually virgin or recycled blend; polyester is typically a mix of the two. Although polyester is made from recycled materials, it is still a better choice for many applications. PET strapping can be improved to a near-virgin quality, making it an environmentally-friendly alternative to steel belts. In addition to absorbing shocks during transport, it is also easy to recycle.

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● High strength and toughness (elongation up to 12%)

● High safety factor, edge is not sharp

● Adapt to all kinds of climate, high temperature and humidity resistance

● Low cost, cheaper than steel strip

● Easy to handle and meet ROHS environmental requirements

● It is suitable for paper industry, aluminum industry, steel industry, stone wood, wooden box packaging, chemical fiber cotton spinning, chemical industry, metal products industry.
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